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VIP Solutions & Special Mission

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Anyone flying is already a cut above the rest. And those who want a unique flight come to airplus. We turn regular aircraft into superior aircraft. Exclusive. Individual. Professional. airplus develops individual solutions to satisfy individual needs. From the exterior design and technology to the aircraft’s interior. For every wish we devise the perfect solution.

Our Aircraft & Products

From the smallest turboprop to the largest jumbo jet. We are able to work on any aircraft that will fit into our hangar. Of course, when they do not, we can also find a solution. You will not find custom demands in a catalogue. With decades of experience we are used to thinking outside the box. We now have a stunning collection of special products – to satisfy some very special requirements.


Since 1997 we have attended to, maintained and optimised jets and turboprops for private owners as well as entire business fleets. We also upgrade aircraft in accordance with the individual needs and preferences of their owners. To achieve this we develop our own solutions and products steadfastly – with future technology in mind.

VIP Solutions &
Special Mission

We satisfy individual needs and preferences. Always keeping an eye on future developments and rising to meet every challenge. Because he who hesitates will never win.

Present Special Mission

History has landed

The return home of a principle player in a German drama. The “Landshut”, a Lufthansa Boeing 737-200, was the ill-fated venue of a politically motivated hijacking in October 1977 that ended in bloodshed on the runway in Mogadishu (Somalia). airplus attended to its arrival home. It will now be expertly restored as an exhibit at the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen. airplus is proud to have taken part in this special mission.


In the belly of the Antonov

First glimpse of the cockpit

Large media attendance

Unloaded with great care

Fuselage without wings

Contemporary witness interview

VIP Solutions

First Class
For Falcons

When a Sheik goes on a journey, he takes his falcon along. And never in the hold. airplus has equipped an aircraft so that a falcon can be safely and appropriately transported inside the passenger cabin. This is one VIP solution we are particularly fond of.

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